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 PCR System PCR System technical specifications
The only thermal cycler that allows simultaneous remote access by three users to control three independent blocks.
Accessible by multiple users : Three experiment with three independently controlled blocks
Flexible block configuration : Accepts five types of thermal blocks for thermal optimization and throughput options
Convenient remote access : Connect by Wi-Fi and monitor your instrument from anywhere with a free mobile app
 NGS System Simplest workflow for targeted sequencing
Next Generation Sequencing System(NGS)
Systems provide the simplest DNA-to-data workflow for targeted sequencing with industry-leading speed and affordability. This allows you to spend less time doing repetitive lab work, and more time answering the critical questions in your research. Unlike other light-based sequencers, there are no cumbersome optics or labeled nucleotides with semiconductor sequencing technology.
 Portable Blood Gas Analyzer Take immediate therapeutic action at the patient’s bedside.
System is a handheld, wireless solution used for testing blood gases, electrolytes, and metabolites in about 30 seconds.
Test Card
- Room temperature storage
- Barcoded with lot and expiration for error-free test panel recognition
- 92 μL (about a 1/10th of a CC) sample
 Blood Gas Analyzer Compact and reliable, the BASIC version of the analyzer is the ideal choice for cost-efficient blood gas, electrolyte and lactate analysis. Its standby mode reduces the cotst for consumuables while the analyzer stays ready for the next patient sample.
Replacment of consumables involves simple steps as few as 6 times a year, reducing time spent in maintenance.
Small sample volume, portability, rapid start-up, short turnaround time and full connectivity it's the little things with the basic that make big difference in your everyday work.