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 Animal Treadmills for Exercise Training / Fatigue Treadmills are used for forced exercise training and accurate testing of fatigue in rodents. A control unit with touchscreen user interface plus the ability to perform
individual lane stimulation (shock or air-puff) add convenience and experimental flexibility in setting up and managing study parameters. The treadmill includes a shock grid which delivers electrical shock of constant intensity. An air-puff accessory option is interchangeable with shock, enabling the use of one or the other depending on experimental needs. The treadmill lanes have sufficient width for the animal to correct any errors in coordination, allowing an exact measurement of fatigue. Robust design and high-quality materials guarantee high performance under conditions of intensive use.
 Mouse and Rat Blood Pressure Analysis System It is the world's leading non-invasive blood pressure analyzer for mice and rats. Its proven technology is now depended on in hundreds of laboratories around the world. Measures systolic anf diastolic blood pressure, and heart rate. Models are avaliabel for two, four or six mice. Easily expand your system by adding additional channles. Automatic temperature control gently warms the animals. Works well with both conscious and anesthetized animals. The system uses transmission photoplethy, in which various in the amount of light transmitted through the tail is the basic signal that is analyzed to determine the blood pressure and pulse rate.
 Video Tracking System(Activity Research) SMART video tracking system features the most flexible and easy-to-learn software for the automated evaluation of behavior in the widest range of pre-clinical and
neuroscience applications. Utilizing our advanced image analysis, allows the recording of activity, trajectories, events, social interactions, and global activity. The System provides users the versatility of a modular system with the capabilities of a broadband package. Our enhanced data analysis includes customizable data reports and complete calculations for unlimited behavioral paradigms. The System was developed with the daily experimental process in mind - easy-to-use interface, highly flexible structure fi tting the most applications and budgets. Advanced features ensure reliable data and increased productivity, saving valuable
time and resources. The System emphasizes flexibility, productivity and simplicity - just add your desired settings.
 Mouse and Rat EMG System Kinesiology is the study of human and nonhuman animal-body movements, performance, and function by applying the sciences of biomechanics, anatomy, physiology, psychology, and neuroscience. When studying kinesiology, surface electromyography (sEMG or Surface EMG) is the measurement of choice. The System enables 4 channels of EMG recordings, or a combination of EMG and ECG recordings.