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 Robot Rehabilitation System End Effected Type Gait Rehabilitation Robot
It focused on movements of feet during gait rehabilitation to regain patients ability to walk. It offers short setup time and easy operation development by state of the art robotics technology. It can be widely utilized in hospitals and rehabilitation centers. It will provide patients with daily refreshing.
 Interactive Therapy System : ARM Robot Rehabilitat Interactive Therapy System : ARM Robot Rehabilitation
ARM Rehabilitation Robot is evidence based, intelligent, interactive technology that is capable of continuously adapting to and challenging each patient’s ability. This allows the clinician to efficiently deliver personalized intensive sensorimotor therapy to neurologic patients.
 Near Infrared Spectroscopy NIRS : Near Infrared Spectroscopy
A wireless NIRS device, especially designed for the measurement of muscle oxygenation. Measures oxy-, deoxy-, and total hemoglobin concentration changes. Combine multipe PortaMons at the same time, on the muscle tissue of your interest. Utilising the non-invase NIRS technique. Perform real-time measurements using Bluetooth or offline measurements using the board data collection. Analyse your data with our superior analysis software
 Computer-aided Neuro-Cognitive Function Test Computer-aided Neuro-Cognitive Function Test Software Program.
Examination are performed with a maximum of objectivity, accuracy, and reliability. Instruction incorporating learning loops and defind phases ensure that tests understand the tasks they have to do. Reaction and response times are generally recorded and stored at item level. Data obtained and related to the test subject's respond behaviour. Auto evaluation of results and data collection.